Our Services

We rely on a long-term experience in this field and on our professionalism to provide you with chauffeur services that meet the highest standards in this industry.

Airport Transfer

Premium and Business class airport transfers


Luxury car rental with personal driver for special events

Corporate Hire

Premium car rental with personal driver for companies

School Transport

Car rental with personal driver for school transfers

Transylvania Tours

We can offer you some ideas for private tours in Transylvania


About us

Our name is Elite Chauffeur Services. We are based in Targu Mures, a beautiful town located in the heart of Romania. A country that is constantly evolving, where people start to value quality and professionalism more and more. Being convinced that we can offer you the quality, professionalism and the impeccable costumer service that you need, we’ve decided to contribute to this evolution and create this company that offers you the possibility to choose a business and a premium class for your journey. We have over 14 years of experience in transport and logistics for the most part of the European Union. From which 4 years exclusively in service of the UK’s Premier League elite. We could say that we are the best in what we do, but we would prefer to let you decide this. But what we can do for a change is to assure you that we will always put your safety and comfort first. Our team will do everything possible to satisfy all your needs and demands so that your journey will be carefree.

Premium Class Limousines

We rely on cars that reflect the quality of our services. Which means we only use cars built by the elite car manufacturers to provide you with the best conditions of traveling.

On-board WiFi

Nowadays we have a constant need of communication for socializing, relaxing or work related. That’s why we’ve equipped our vehicles with onboard Wi-Fi, so that you can stay online even while you’re traveling.

Credit Card Payment

The most secure and efficient method of payment is the credit card payment. And because we promote safety, comfort and personal data protection we offer the possibility of credit card payment directly to the driver, to save you of any inconvenience regarding the payment of our services.

What we offer extra

Personalized chauffeur services for your specific needs

As we want our customers to be completely happy with our chauffeur services and we understand that each person is unique as are their needs and necessities, we would like to adjust our services to your specific needs. That’s why we kindly ask you to contact us in advance and give us as many details about your itinerary and demands as possible so that we can prepare everything up to the last detail until your arrival.

Our premium chauffeur services

We address to those who, beside the luxury that our cars have to offer, need impeccable services offered by true professionals.


All our drivers are professionals and specially trained to emphasize on discretion and your safety. And to provide you an impeccable service during your entire journey.


Our drivers’ posture has to measure up to our services. Meaning that it has to rise to the highest standards, so they will be wearing a suit at all times.


We rely on cars that reflect the quality of our services. Which means we only use cars built by the elite car manufacturers to provide you with the best conditions of traveling.


Communication is the key to any successful relationship. So we are ready to promptly answer to all your requirements in various international languages.

Contact us

Please fill this quick form for any questions you might have, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Team

Our team is formed from experienced professionals dedicated to offer you the best possible services. We are constantly working to improve our services and to always surprise our customers in a pleasant way. But we are aware that there’s always something that we can do better, that’s why your feedback is very important to us, because if there’s anything that we’ve left out during your stay with us we want to make sure it’s there next time you come back to us so you can be fully satisfied with our services.

Cristian Moldovan



Our Cars

Considering that our country’s infrastructure is still limited and this makes the traffic difficult, because to us safety comes first, together with highly skilled drivers we use only premium cars built by the most prestigious car manufacturers in the world with the highest standards of safety and comfort such as Mercedes Benz S-Class or BMW 7 Series .

Your driver is our company’s most important ambassador. So it’s very important to us that he wears a suit at all times, he will be discreet, professional, highly skilled, polite. He speaks English and he’s specially trained to put your safety and comfort first and to carefully fulfill all your needs and demands so that you feel completely safe and your experience with us will be a special one for you.